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August 29, 2019 – – ReLeaf Genetics, located in Atlanta, Georgia, has announced that one of the issues to be discussed at the upcoming ReLeaf Medical Cannabis Summit to be held on September 28, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, is that of drug testing in the era of medical marijuana.

The issue is that despite significant changes to the laws in various states in the US regarding the medical use of marijuana, drug testing of employees continues and many companies still outlaw the use of marijuana and group it in the same categories as more dangerous substances, like heroin or cocaine. More about this can be gleaned from the ReLeaf Genetics blog.

The laws regarding marijuana use have changed significantly compared to the mid-1990s when marijuana was considered to be illegal nationwide, for whatever purpose, medicinal or recreational. At present, in 33 states, Washington, DC, and four inhabited US territories, marijuana can legally be used for medical purposes with the permission of a doctor, and an additional 11 states and DC have made it legal to use marijuana for recreational purposes.

Nevertheless, many companies nationwide, from retail stores to investment banks, continue to have company policies that require drug testing of employees at all levels. For people who use marijuana legally, especially for those who depend on low-THC strains of marijuana for medical purposes like pain relief, this can cause problems in maintaining their employment.

The many years in which marijuana was an illegal substance still affect perceptions about its use even in progressive organizations and it is usually put in the same class as cocaine or heroin. Thus, people who use marijuana legally are bound to test positive in the drug tests and could possibly lose their jobs. This is an important issue that will be tackled at the upcoming ReLeaf Medical Cannabis Summit. Other issues to be discussed can be found on the company’s website.

Meanwhile, the involvement of health care providers in support for the medical use of marijuana has been expanding exponentially. This is because in all states that allow the medical use of marijuana, a doctor’s approval is necessary. The reasons why a physician will approve the medical use of marijuana are flexible. A doctor can prescribe for something as simple as regular headaches or a mild case of anxiety. Therefore, there ought to be no reason why marijuana should be treated differently from the prescription of narcotic pain medication for treating injury or the use of stimulants for treating behavior disorders, like ADHD.

ReLeaf Genetics Director of Operations Rhyan Walcott says, “Despite the growing normalcy of marijuana in the United States, it will take time for the full elimination of the stigma associated with use. As such, it’s always important to know where an employer stands before pursuing a position.” However, as many people who use marijuana legally have found, some companies will not accept a doctor’s note as an explanation when they test positive in a drug test. Many users have erroneously thought that marijuana use would be treated in the same way as alcohol, which is generally legal as long as it is not consumed on company time…

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