Our Cause

Mission Statement

To provide a structure for substance abuse reduction and improved ability to make the correct decisions when consequential choices arise in a youth’s life. Through our “face the fears from you peers” model we give them the courage to abstain from substance abuse, bullying, gun violence and human trafficking with a focus on physical health and education.

The 3 T's


  • Teaching youth the negative life and legal impacts of alcohol and drug abuse. Teaching youth that values of physical health is an essential part in making the commitment to not use drugs. Teaching youth that nothing in life is easy, but bad decisions only make it harder


  • Tackle peer pressure, bad influences, hard home-life, and educational struggles together through mentorship, counseling and collaboration.

Turn the Right Corners

  • Making the right decision when an issue arises. Knowing how to spot detrimental scenarios and maneuver through detrimental scenarios while standing on your own two feet.