Changing The Future

U Make A Difference

Who We Are

U Make A Difference’s (U M.A.D.) mission is to provide a supporting foundation that local youth can turn to in effort to be responsible and health. We help them make better choices and create a drug free environment through working with local schools, communities, parents, and counselors.

What We Do

Our focus is to tackle the issues of drug abuse, bullying, gun violence, and human trafficking through collaborations providing a more well-rounded approach. This includes holding weekly workshops to address various related topics throughout the 9-week program backed by an e-courses to ensure a clear understanding of the weekly topics is gained. At the end members will have several personal skills and trait to assist with the rejection of peer pressure to use drugs/alcohol by bringing awareness the harmful side-effects it can have on one’s body while learning anger management techniques.

  • Offer drug e-courses
  • Random confidential drug tests (for statistical data only)
  • Community activities
  • Physical fitness activities
  • Mentoring/counseling

Partners & Collaborators

Captiva Lab – drug testing, program management, community building and resources, leadership.


One Love Services – physician access, mental health services.

UMAD Team & Organizers

The U M.A.D. Drug Free Youth Program is managed operated, and run by:

Rhyan Walcott

Founder of UMAD

Troy Veale

Founder of UMAD

Jamil Massey

DeQuan Starnes

Jim Mabeka