ReLeaf Genetics’ Medical Cannabis Summit

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Community Invited To ReLeaf Genetics’ CBD Medical Cannabis Summit

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Sandy Springs, Georgia based ReLeaf Genetics has extended an invitation to the community to attend the upcoming ReLeaf Medical Cannabis Summit, to be held on the 28th of September, in W Atlanta Midtown. Visit the following link to learn more about this event:

The ReLeaf Medical Cannabis Summit is an event that brings the leaders of the cannabis industry together to both network with each other and present the exciting opportunities within this business to attendees, especially given that the industry has experienced rapid growth over the past few years. It will be a unique opportunity for attendees to learn more about the industry, as the organizers assert that a lack of knowledge and understanding of its benefits is what most draws people away from using medical cannabis.

The event itself will consist of a variety of activities catered towards different public entities and the interests they may have. It will also function as an unprecedented point of reunion for the individuals that lead the innovation, research, and implementation of medical cannabis across the country, helping to increase acceptance and raising awareness of the products’ benefits.

There will be educational seminars that include informational sessions on the medicinal uses of CBD, THC, hemp, and cannabis, ways to consume CBD safely, and a variety of cannabis and health-related topics catered to health care practitioners, legal pros, and entrepreneurs. These seminars will be an invaluable resource for a variety of individuals, regardless of their level of knowledge and understanding of the industry, as each seminar is carefully constructed to be self-explanatory—they will not require a deep understanding of the topics discussed.

Additionally, for more experienced attendees, speaking opportunities will be made available throughout the summit, allowing them to voice their knowledge and share ideas regarding new ways to innovate in the industry. ReLeaf Genetics explains that speakers can discuss topics which include, but are not limited to, how physicians are using the cannabis cultivation process and legalities surrounding the related CBD industries to treat various physical ailments, mental health diagnoses, veterans, and the elderly. As a result, the summit will also be a great opportunity for speakers to market and promote their brand to thousands of people within the cannabis industry. More information regarding the events scheduled during the summit is available through the following link:

According to Rhyan Walcott, ReLeaf Genetics’ Director, attendees and sponsors have demonstrated a great interest in the summit and expressed their appreciation for the opportunities it provides. Walcott states, “For a business in the growth stage, to be recognized and known by the important individuals which will be present at the summit is very valuable. We hope our attendees will be able to take advantage of the room full of potential business opportunities that we will have throughout the event.” The summit promises to help all parties involved elevate their business to new heights.

ReLeaf also states that they are grateful to their sponsors, a group of companies committed to the innovation and improvement of the industry, for all the assistance they provide in bringing the summit to fruition. Some of the companies sponsoring the ReLeaf Medical Cannabis Summit include Capstone Healthcare, Captiva Lab, Sovereign Health System, Integrated Hemp Solutions, Kill Cliff, Drink Cirrus, The Hemp Depot, Infuzes, Business and Science Network, and SAFE.

Additionally, the event will be held in a vibrant, culture-rich, and connected neighborhood, offering a great local experience for attendees who travel in from other parts of the country. The W Atlanta Midtown Hotel is one of the most famous buildings in the area, giving attendees who stay there the benefit of its stunning views and amazing service.

Interested parties can visit the company’s website for more information regarding the ReLeaf Medical Cannabis Summit. Furthermore, they may contact Rhyan Walcott of ReLeaf Genetics to follow up on any inquiries. Those who wish to purchase their tickets for the ReLeaf Medical Cannabis Summit may visit the following link:

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